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CREATE Philippines
Developing national characters: The rise of the Filipino type community
What happens when creative contribution remains unseen?
Can your creative business survive a mass extinction?
Filipino freelancers’ rights will be strengthened in this monumental bill

L’Officiel Philippines
Being and Doing
***as seen in the Fall 2022 print issue of L’Officiel Philippines
From Object to Subject

***as seen in the September 2021 print issue of L’Officiel Philippines

UXUI projects


In urban landscapes and commutable cities, it’s difficult to find spots for rest. Options are often undiscovered or inaccessible.

iNeed is an application that allows its users to discover, navigate, input, and review public rest spaces.

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The world is moving towards the digital space for human connection, with the emergence of applications that cater to digital spirituality and digital intimacy.

SCAPE is a visual dream journal application that encourages users from all over the world to record their dreams, analyze, and compare them with other accessible entries within the application community.

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Luna is a lunar calendar visualizer, inspired by archaic illustrations and recordings, celestial bodies, solar and lunar movements, and digital experiences. Luna is visual experience application that allows its users to experience the movement of celestial bodies in a distinct visual language.

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