UXUI design, identity design, motion design

I designed a speculative interface for a lunar calendar visualizer application called Luna. Inspired by archaic illustrations and recordings, celestial bodies, solar and lunar movements, and digital experiences, Luna is visual experience application that allows its users to experience the movement of celestial bodies in a distinct visual language.

Harnessing illustrative elements and taking from the visual styles of antique astronomical atlases, charts, and artifacts, my approach for Luna was to create an “anti-digitized” visual variant of space exploration. With the emergence and predilection towards hyper-precise and computerized imagery of outer space, there’s seemingly a lack of personality in the absorption and interpretation of a concept that may be beyond the capabilities of today’s state of human cognition.

As such, Luna is an experience that calls back to where we, as humans, started. It is a visual reference to the foundations of the past, presented by the methods of the current, depicting imagery and information of the omnipresent.

Main features include a moon phase visualizer that details the moon phase of the day, as well as the time it will be taking place. Another is the time travel feature which allows users to visualize the revolution of the previous year. The date selector allows users to access moon phases of previous and upcoming dates.

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